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We got Curbed…

April 6, 2012

We are so excited to share photos from a project we designed in Long Island City at a building aptly called “The View” (just take a look out those windows!) and we are even more excited that our friends from Curbed featured the project, with a little Q and A from us. 


All photos by our fave Jacob Snavely.




The article also features a nifty little before/after photo tool that is a must-see – it’s fun to see the transformation.

Read the article here, and as a reminder, we shared the hand drawn renderings of this project awhile back – see them here


Who’s Coming to Dinner?

March 24, 2012

Last night was the opening event at the Architectural Digest Home Show and the long awaited Cocktails by Design for DIFFA which we were absolutely thrilled and honored to be a part of.

Our table was a collaboration of 8 other designers who are also a part of New York Design Center’s Access to Design program (a group of select NYC interior designers that the design center recommends to consumers, making trade-only vendors accessible to the public, while promoting the use of design professionals. It’s such a great program and we are so honored to be a part of it – you can see our Access to Design profile here).

The theme of our table was “Who’s Coming to Dinner?” and each designer chose two guests to design a place setting for – the guests either had to be fictional or no longer living, but other than that there were few rules (and you know we creative types aren’t  huge fans of rules! )

Our table really seemed to be the hit of the night (not that we’re  biased or anything!) But seriously, while all of the tables were well thought out, many innovative, creative and all beautiful, our table was definitely the most entertaining. Each place setting and chair was different, reflecting the chosen dinner guests, and the props…well, the props were crazy and fun, and totally made you understand who was sitting at that seat.

So who did we invite to dinner with us?  The Queen of the Nile and the King of Rock and Roll, naturally.

We owe a huge thank you to so many people who helped make our vision come alive.

Cleopatra’s gorgeous golden stool came from Tucker Robbins. While we are sure the Cleo’s throne back in the day was magnificent and plush, we loved the idea of giving her something without a back, and without cushions, that we could really envision the ancient Egyptians sitting on…and of course, dripping in a gold that is just the perfect mix of shiny and dull, well, Cleo, we hope you feel we did you justice!

These Marc Blackwell plates that we chose reminded us of an Egyptian headpiece….

And we topped that off with a splash of black + white graphic, and the incomparable Hermes Mosaique au 24 collection which we are absolutely enamored with.

Orrefors made our day by loaning us goblets from the Karl Lagerfeld collection. These glasses are truly divine, and the best part is the built in coaster – the beefiness of the glass is just outstanding.

And to keep things edgy, instead of a classic 5 piece flatware set, we chose to go with this Michael Aram piece to use as a fork – we loved that it’s totally crude in it’s design and material.

Some finishing touches included gold snakes which slithered under the plates and in the glasses, an obelisk (as homage to Cleopatra’s needle in Central Park), and a gold pipe, since it’s rumored that Cleopatra enjoyed smoking opium (we couldn’t resist!)


We had so much fun with Elvis – his chair, by Profiles, was a little bit retro and the shape totally reminded us of mod 70s furniture design.

Again, we turned to Marc Blackwell for an awesome plate that replicates mahogany wood, a gold houndstooth dessert plate, and a gold rimmed scotch glass – a perfect mix of Elvis’ manly southern vibe plus his glitzy Vegas style.

We are in love with this Oneida gunmetal flatware – it’s dark and shiny, masculine and very serious looking.

The plates were stacked on a pile of vintage records, and of course we included a jar of peanut butter and some aviator shades. And our finishing touch was a blue suede napkin, which our good friends at Osborne & Little helped us out with, and we wrapped in brown leather strappings that reminded us of his love of horses.

The gala event is on Monday evening so you can definitely expect more photos then! In the meantime, read an interview with us by Vedere on the DIFFA event here, and if you’re in the city tomorrow with nothing to do, stop by!



Again, thanks to all of the vendors that helped make this happen – we are absolutely grateful for your involvement!

Our iDesignBook on Vedere

March 8, 2012

My gosh we’ve been missing for a long time…sorry about our absence, but we’ve been enjoying being busy! 

We wanted to share our iDesignBook which is featured on this great site called Vedere this week – check it out here.


The room is pretty much complete, so we’ll need to photograph it soon, but it will definitely be cool to compare how the rendering has stayed the same and changed in comparison to what actually happened. 

The Vedere iDesignBook shows some of the individual pieces of furniture that we used, so you can replicate the room on your own – very cool! 

PS The view out of those windows? A spectacular shot of Manhattan from on top of a mountain in NJ. Isn’t it funny how we all scramble for views in the city, when the best views are from NJ and LIC?? Ah, the irony.


ANKASA shindig

November 26, 2011

Last Monday, we were invited by the lovely and gracious, Beth Neuhaus, founder and master mind behind, to the reveal of the new Ankasa store on the Upper East Side. From the moment one walks into the ethereal space, you’re enveloped in a tranquil fragrance and then swept away by the understated and luxurious linens and accessories that make this company what it is. You won’t find a lot of color in this place, but you will find an extremely high level of detailing that plays on contrasting textures to a couture degree. Unparalled in our opinion, is there ability to create so much juxtapostion with monochromality – well, enough talking… see for yourself,   here are a few pics we snapped for you all to drool over – thank us later =] Oh and we are extremely stoked that they are opening in our neck of the woods soon as well – SOHO!

all of this, on ONE pillow!

check out the hardware on this bad boy 😉

they even added hardware to their cakestand - very unexpected

almost reads like a silky,satin-y topographic map

Five things: 11.14.11

November 18, 2011

1. High gloss painted doors are never wrong. We painted the service door at a prewar kitchen renovation Benjamin Moore’s Bistro Blue and it is SHARP!

2. One of our biggest design gripes is that we loooove table bases, but we feel like it’s often a waste of design since there are so few moments and angles when they can be appreciated since they are blocked by chairs and our vantage point is from above…

Well, we were introduced to this little beauty at Cliff Young’s event this week and we fell in love. A glass insert centered on the table allows you to see below, from above.

Not to mention this base itself – it is dyna.mite!

3. Tile. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We really love tile. Here are some new stunners from Studium.

black, white and bold

mirror and glass mosaic

more mirror, and zig zag!

They are all glam in their own perfect way.

4. We popped into the millwork shop today and are in awe of how this cabinetry is turning out.

5. My father (my her0) saved the key from the hotel room he and my mom shared the night of their wedding at The Plaza 40 years ago. What a romantic. And now I’m having it made into a completely unique necklace by Lulu Frost. Here she is working on it (and I’ll share photos once it’s finished!)

PS I’m a lucky girl!

Five things: 10.31.11

November 6, 2011

1. I was included in Elle Decor’s Design Insiders’ Weekly Finds this week!

2. Is it weird that I think the clover marble tiles we are using in a powder room are almost as cute in autocad as they are in real life?

Well, not really, but I did think it was cute when I turned around and saw Virginia drafting with two cups of coffee and a bottle of airborne at hand.

3. Floor stain samples going down at the pied a terre! Let the countdown begin – we’re about a month away til our drop dead move in date!

We’re partial to the natural walnut with a slight sheen.

4. Best part of a cold NYC night? Having a fireplace.

5. Another NYC best? The incredible restaurants that can transport you to another place and time. My trip to The Darby took me to the bygone era of cabaret dining and glamourous nightlife. The live jazz, the ceiling clad in a nickel plated grid-like cage, and the tune of champagne bottles popping left and right…such a great experience.





And the icing on the cake was the foyer clad in a chevron made of molding. Pretty genius.


Read an older post about chevron here and have a great weekend!

Five things: 10.17.11

October 22, 2011

1. Our pied a terre project is finally looking like it’s getting somewhere. Boom!

Walnut floors are going down…

And octagon ceiling design going up…

2. We went to a great industry talk at Williams-Sonoma and guess what was waiting for us when we left the Time Warner Center?

That’s right. Our most favorite of the food trucks. Wafels and Dinges. That’s the light and chewy with bananas, strawberries and nutella that V got, and I had my classic combo – spekuloos and bananas. And I know, you’re thinking, “Jessica, what in the world is spekuloos?!” Well, my friends, all I can tell you is that it’s heaven on a wafel (or a spoon, or an apple, or a finger, really), and you should follow Wafels and Dinges on twitter so you can find their cute yellow trucks and go find out yourself.

3. The Architecture and Film Festival began this week reminding us how important architecture and design are and how good the good stuff can make you feel.

Virginia caught an inspiring film called “Unfinished Spaces”   about young visionary architects who were hired by Fidel Castro to build Cuba’s National Art Schools in 1961. The people were beyond excited about the facility, but, well, you know about Castro….The project was put on hold and never completed. But the citizens loved it, and still used the half built, decaying building. Because good design makes you feel good inside.

4. Love a good (pop of) color story.

5. Spotted: a clover-ish ottoman. Made us think of our clover-loving client.