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stars of the show (in our opinion anyway)

September 4, 2009

Stars of the show (in OUR opinion anyway)…

So its been 2 weeks since the NY Gift show wrapped up and we finally got the chance to share who and what we thought were the best of the best – OR at least try to condense the list as much as possible as opposed to having you read thru a 100 page blog! From textiles to furniture and dinnerware, this show is really a great reflection of what’s current in the home design world – you know… the world that we know and LOVE…

We’ll start with the tableware dept – and boy were there a lot of contenders – but the following designers made the mark on our list. For you beachcombers out there, Kim Seybert’s glassware has a really organic flavor with the handpainted detail that makes it super appropriate for your beach house.

Don't these remind you of the Dunes???

For a look that’s so fantiscally elegant, has superb quality and, I mean, you look at his stuff and just say WOW – of course we’re talking about none other than Mr. Marc Blackwell. These pieces are  sort of a throw-back to a finer period but are not overdone – the meticulously crisp silver detailing is so right on target.

marc blackwell 1

For a customized look – yes customized as in get your profile on a dinnerplate – customized, turn to Christopher Jagmin. This gentleman is sweet as pie and his work is even sweeter. Perfect for people that like to put their names on things or for a special event, his black and white plates with profiles and numbers will make the statement you need.

chris jag number plate5chris jag number plate2 chris jag single plate

For a pop of color, James East is your go-to guy. His table linens are so fresh and take the seriousness out of entertaining. He goes on to put the ultra current Ikat pattern on a plate which we feel will be something younger folks will be handing down to their grandchildren. Also, worth noting, this plate made it to Elle Decor  – BRAVO James!

james east tangerine mat and napkinjames east ikat dinnerware elle decor

However, even though all of this is beautiful, it was his napkin rings that totally floored us. For crying out loud – we’d wear these things! They could totally be made into bracelets, necklaces, etc. He used various materials for the line which include jade, topaz, sea glass and torquoise.james east sunflower turquoise
james east jadejames beach glass topaz

james east mother of pearl flower

And to round up our tableware list, we present Golden Rabbit – yes, we love their name too! Their leather wrapped dishes are so yummy and take modernism to another level.

golden rabbit leather plates

Moving on to the linens and bedding dept of which our clients, Papillon Linens and Dream Fit’s booth were a part. We’re obviously super impartial to them but had to give a few others their credit too. One of our favorites, Ann Gish, never seems to let us down and this year pumped up the color with serious jewel tones which seem to be the next hot thing both in home and fashion design.

anngish3They also jazzed up their neutral selections with prints and texture – and as always, their velvet is delicious.


Next our “booth neighbors” John Robshaw and Ferran New York wowed everyone with their prints and fearless color pallettes.

john robshaw2john robshaw1 ferran ny2

Okay, now its time to give you the numero unos of the department that spruces up the joint – ACCESSORIES.   Not Neutral founded by rather amazing architect/designer Rios Clementi of Rios Clementi Hale Studios, caters to what they like to call “colorful” people and I think its safe to say that we’re rather, well… colorful =p and so naturally we were drawn to their booth. They’re truly light hearted in their aesthetic and we’re already trying to figure out how to weave some of their products into our next project. And while we really love everthing they do, they really are a perfect company if you’re looking for children’s furniture and accessories. Check out their surface decals, pillows and wall panels…

not neutral kids pillowsnot neutral panels not neutral kids numbers

Design Abroad’s panels can be used decoratively or serve as partitions and are stunning  when back lit- they really do glow!

designsabroad2 designsabroad1

And their children inspired mirrors are simply adorable and SMART – made of acrylic, they are completley kid-friendly.


Lastly, “LET THERE BE LIGHT!”. Juliska, who usually enamors us with their wonderful dinnerware, stopped us in our booth touring tracks, to our surpise, with their lighting. The textures on their glass pendants and lamps were phenomenal and we need to see these installed immediately!

juliska 4juliska 3juliska 2

Another show stopper for various reasons, but particularly in the lighting department, was Artecnica. The hanging fixture made up of thin metal shapes that are the designer’s modern suggestion of a flower is outstanding. So bold in appearance but really fine in the details.


Again – a very CONDENSED list condsidering the long list of exhibitors – but we hope that our synopsis has gotten your design juices flowing! Happy decorating!

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