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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Fall is here

September 28, 2009

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Fall is officially here….

Regardless of what Jessica (the taller half of id 810 design group) wants to believe, Fall has indeed arrived. As Jessica chooses to ignore the seasonal change and sashays around the city and project to project in her Grecian summer dresses (LOVE YOU JESS!!), I hang an autumn wreath on our door… which she isn’t too happy about =)

fall blog 021

…yes, that’s our door and the amazing autumnal wreath!

So folks, it’s time to switch up your spaces for fall – out with the wispy fabrics and in with the “meatier” stuff.

Changing your space with the seasons is a great way to breathe new air into it, and is quite simple to do. For starters, roll up your current area rug and replace it with one that has great jewel tones or warmth inspiring texture. For a money saving alternative, turn to Flor carpet tiles as they’re really economical and can be reused in a variety of ways independently, when not using them as an area rug during the “off season”. For example, use two carpet tiles as a door mat or six of them to create a runner, etc. Their recent cover caught our attention with the awesome palette.

flor autumn tile

With things like pillows, go for those that you’ll truly want to cuddle up on, on a cold winter day. Those with cable knit textures come to mind…

west elm cable knit pillow

Another efficient use of money is to take the pillows you decorated your outdoor furniture with over the summer and bring them indoors. Why should they sit in storage bins for a year when they can work just as well inside??? I did just that – here is an image of my Ballard Designs outdoor pillows on my lounge furniture….

fall blog 008

And here they are inside, as a pop of color on my chocolate micro suede sofa…

fall blog 015 2

Replace linen throws with the cashmere type in great colors…

william sonoma home throw

On your windows, pair your shades with some visually beefy drapes like these from Restoration Hardware that come in an array of delicious colors.

restoration hardware

restoration hardware velvet

This season tends to be the busiest for most people. With the kids back at school, and  the holidays coming up, you’re sure to have a counter stacked high with paper and retailer catalogs. Keep that all in check by equipping yourself with storage accessories close by. We swear by these stair bins that ultimately catch everything when you’re on your way in or out.

ballard designs stair basket

Also consider taking out some of your better looking tote bags and using them as magazine holders – they work just as well!

ballard designs tote

Now go along and light some candles with scents of pumpkin, brown sugar, cinnamon or whatever tickles your Fall fancy, because ladies and gentleman……….. Fall is here.

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