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wardrobes and vanities and closets…oh my!

October 14, 2009

Why is it that 7 times out of 10 when I’m pulling an inspiration pic from a magazine it’s of someone’s closet?

Is it the nyc girl in me craving some sprawling suburban space? Is it the designer in me wanting a place for girly, bubblegum-lipglossy, leopard softness under-foot (faux of course!), sparkly lighting and just oodles of glitz and glam? Is it the type-A part of my personality longing to organize and classify (after all, who doesn’t want a color coordinated stack of luscious cashmere sweaters?)? Or is it simply that I want the designer wardrobe to go in the designer closet?

I often find myself asking, if I had an extra room what would it be – an office, a guest room, or a sweet-a** closet? Take a look at these pics below and take a wild guess…

The vanity area in this photo is like a store display – I love how each bag, hatbox and pile of orange Hermes goodies has it’s own nook. Also note the adorable library ladder which adds warmth with the wood, plus major convenience when a girl could use a little extra height.

crisp and clean vanity plus closet

Do you recognize this closet? If you’re a Sex-In-The-City- loving woman you definitely should… it’s Carrie Bradshaw’s. Too bad she never got to fill that other dream closet when she and Big got rid of that magnificent place. Tear.

Carrie Bradshaw's closet

Nicky Hilton’s posh closet…love the clear doors but you better have important pieces to show off (and you must be neat to boot).

Nicky Hilton's closet

This little girl’s closet was featured in Domino – it’s not that jaw dropping, but I love that wallpaper was used, even though it’s not a walk-in. Reminds us that it’s all in the details.

little girl's closet

This is the closet of the genius behind the rebirth of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons. Now, this, my friends, is a closet (others might call it a room).jenna lyon's room

For ways to get your  not-so-big, stuffy, chipping paint, no light having, sagging shelf (GOTTA LOVE NYC CLOSETS) closet, closer to one of the schnazzy closets shown, we highly recommend picking up the current November issue of Better Homes and Gardens.  They share some really clever ideas and utilize affordable closet solutions including Closetmaid, Elfa, and Rubbermaid.


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