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stuff for munchkins

October 20, 2009

Is there a cutie pie in your life who you like to pamper and spoil with great design? Why should grown ups have all the fun?

Last week we presented our design plans to the loveliest couple who have just the cutest most rambunctious little boy who is already FILLED with personality and a baby girl on the way. We are so excited that they got on board and loved our presentations – we feel that kid’s bedrooms and playrooms are the best places to push the design limits – there is so much potential for creativity and inspiration and to foster those characteristics in the kids who live there. You’ll get to see s’more as we keep posting updates as the designs progress.

We have been DYING to use this paper in a room since we saw it at a trade show this Spring.

Music music music

When we met this little boy we just knew it was perfect – at two he already loves music and plays a fierce guitar number on command. But, as we explained to the parents, it’s also the kind of paper that will still be ultra-funky-cool when he’s a teen (or an adult, as we know many men who would dig this in their dude rooms).

Here’s another paper from Aimee Wilder we’re dying to use.


Do you see the heart on the girl robot? Man, is that sweet.

Another awesome new product to make it’s way onto the design scene? Hudson Paint.

hudson paint canThey’ve developed chalkboard paint in a wide variety of colors. (We were getting so sick of black and green!)

hudson paint colors

We had used a white dry erase board on this little girl’s playroom that we designed last year, but oh how we wish we had come across this chalkboard paint back then…the dry erase didn’t exactly erase…

micole's playroom

At this point I think we’re all familiar with the marvelousness of wall decals. Here are some current faves for kid’s rooms:

grandfather clock

How dignified does a kid’s room look with this funky grandfather clock? All it needs now is a fireplace mantel and a portrait in a glitzy frame.


Doesn’t this wall decal remind you of Slam Books and M.A.S.H.? Ahhh, middle school.

More stuff for those walls…


schtickers frameand…

schtickers bubble

Words of wisdom: kid’s rooms should be creative and fun so that he or she can grow and learn.  A child’s bedroom does not necessarily need to be an extension of the design in the rest of the home. Get out your finger paint and tambourine if you need some inspiration and remember to have some reckless fun!


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