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bring on the new construction!

October 27, 2009

We’ve been thrown a curve ball folks. After years of working in both pre war and post war buildings and dealing with all the nuances that come with both types, we recently signed on two projects in BRAND NEW buildings. We just don’t know what to do with ourselves??!! We’re not used to this! What do you mean that all the trim work is perfect, the kitchen is impeccable and the bathrooms are gleaming in stone??? But yes, this is the case.

The first project is located in The View which LI-TER-ALLY sits right on the water’s edge in Long Island City. Our clients were lucky enough to purchase on a floor that boasts 15′ ceilings – but honestly even if they didn’t, the panoramic windows overlooking the water are amazing in of themselves. We’ve been in the apartment in the morning and at sunset and the light is amaaaaaaaaaazing. They don’t call it The View for nothing.

The next is located at the The Lucida, situated on 86th and Lex, on the Upper East Side. Also boasting panoramic windows, the layout leaves you feeling as if you are suspended over the bustling city below. This building has sort of an Art Deco flavor with chrome metal detailing dazzling every corner from the lobby to the kitchen handles. A huge entry gallery is reminiscent of an early 20th century Park Avenue apartment, except that as soon as you step into this place, you know that you’re in the NOW. Another plus? It’s LEED certified!

We’re uber excited at the chance to put our stamp on these spaces and will keep you posted as the designs progress.

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