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December 1, 2009

not to the highest bidder…but to a deserving family that looks a lot like mine. I know you’re wondering – what the heck is she talking about??? Well, it’s Virginia here and I’m just sharing a little personal saga with our blogging community.  We recently put our home up for sale and with only 2 weeks on the market – it sold! Not that I want to brag or anything, but having been designed by id 810 – how couldn’t it of sold??!!! But all kidding aside, it’s surreal to me – you put a home for sale and when it actually sells, you kind of say “now what???” And more than that, it’s so bittersweet. For us, it was hanging up with the broker after he gave us the “good” news, and then realizing that the house we created into a home, will now only live in our memories and photos. It’s the home that our little girl was brought from the hospital to and where she took her first steps. Where I cooked and burned family meals and hosted bbqs for all of our friends. Where we cried and where we laughed. We’re certainly going to miss this place but are happy to pass it on to another young deserving couple who is expecting a child and know that they will appreciate and grow into the place, as we did.

This transition has made me feel like our job as designers is all that more important. Both in our homes and in our clients’ homes, we strive to personalize the spaces and create homes that are unforgettable from the minute you walk through the door. It’s that feeling of “I’m home” that is our responsibility to create. Whether its a sprawling ranch in the middle of the country or a studio in the city – your home has to speak to your inner you. It is the place where lifetime memories are created and where your most personal life events typically take place. So, for now, I’ll say “see you later”  to the home I love because I can’t bear to say “bye” just yet, and will hold onto the memories that have been created in this little structure of bricks and mortar that we called HOME.

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