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it’s all in the details

December 8, 2009

While we were applying some custom wall decals at the orthodontics office we’re almost finished with (again reminding us that we need those interns!), two women who were passing by came in to see the new space and meet the doctor. Imagine our delight when we overheard them pick up on all of the subtle orthodontic references and metal details that we incorporated into the design. The last thing that we wanted was for this office to feel like a typical doctors office, and you know we’d never get too literal and hang pictures of teeth on the wall! Also important on the doc’s priority list was for the space to feel cool and fun for the kids and teens he sees, but not child-like so that his adult patients would feel just as comfortable.

We’ve had our eye on this coil drapery by Cascade Coil for awhile and this was the absolute perfect application to introduce it into our design because of it’s obvious wire construction and reference to braces.

We had the wall behind the coil painted in this faux finish to look like concrete and help with the industrial feel we were going for.

We love the way the vinyl flooring came out – it really looks like real wood that’s been there forever. We had seen Karndean’s product at a trade show last year and had no idea that we were standing on vinyl – we thought it was real wood! We were equally excited that this application came out just as well. And what an affordable alternative to that ever so popular worn barn wood flooring that is every where you look today.

Do these drawer handles remind you of teeth?

How about this graphic wallpaper? Suggestive of wire, yet again, and something intriguing to look at while you’re laying back in the chair, mouth wide open.

Have you ever seen a cooler dental chair? The doc was in a snazzy Lexus dealership and was inspired by the design. We chose the perforated black leather with red detail as a nod to his love of fancy cars.

By the way, this is what the office looked like before we got started.

Ahhh, the 80s in all it’s design glory! Stay tuned for pics of the finished product soon.

And, if you’re in the NJ area and looking for a young, cool orthodontist, and an office that you’d never believe was a medical facility, we highly recommend Sacks Orthodontics!

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