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Last Night I Met Jonathan Adler

December 17, 2009

Ahhhh. A design hero. He is so groovy, to use one of his favorite adjectives.

He’s completely inspirational with his wacky designs, off the wall sense of humor and his gut to just go for it.

He was “interrogated” at the Apartment Therapy Offline Meetup which took place in the Knoll showroom…so here I am listening to a design icon, surrounded by Tulip, Risom, Saarinen and Bertoia chairs (These were literally the chairs offered for the audience to sit on. So cool.)

So, here’s the scoop: he loves color, he loves the unexpected, and he loves his husband Simon (who was there, along with Jonathan’s mom), who he met on a blind date set up by a mutual Barney’s friend, where Jonathan got his big break.

He showed some recently shot photographs of his NYC pad, which might I mention, is completely radical and unexpected in a totally expected way. For instance, he has a living room and a den, so he decided to put a TV in one and a ping pong table in the other. Did you think he’d just go out and buy a ping pong table? No. Of course not. He bought two Saarinen table bases on ebay and had the table top covered in a maroon and black wallpaper, added a net, and voila…immediate chic entertainment.

Said photos were taken for a new series of books Jonathan is working on, due out next November (you heard it here first).

Apparently we decided to color coordinate for Christmas!

Another Adler tidbit: When in doubt add yellow. Like he did in Liz Lange’s home.

He didn’t talk much about his collaboration with Barbie, but if anyone is interested in what’s on my Christmas wish list, here’s a hint:

After all, my mantra is: When in doubt, add hot pink.

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