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things to do with paint

January 11, 2010

Paint happens to be one of the least expensive ways to spice up a room and still add major impact.

Right now we’re working on four kid’s bedrooms (actually five – one is a set of twins!), all of which have some interesting paint happenings on the walls (photos coming soon).

In the meantime, we will feature other cool paint photos and ideas.

First up, stairs…

image from livingetc via mirrormirror

Create the look of a runner by painting the treads and risers in one color and a border on either side.

Of course you can go more subtle like leaving some of the originalwood unpainted, or use more neutral colors like in these images below.

images above from apartment therapy


And if color is your thing check these out…

from domino

from flickr

also from flickr

This one is just nuts, isn’t it? It would be a bit too insane in your home, and you’d probably be sick of it super quick, but wouldn’t it be perfect for a retail store or office? Paul Smith, perhaps?


This one might be my favorite – it looks like floating stairs by tricking the eye – the risers are painted the same white as the wall, the treads are treated with a dark stain, and a glass enclosure is added for good measure. How cool?

from livingetc via apartment therapy

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