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The great outdoors

January 21, 2010

We just read a recent report from a vendor that says Americans are spending more and more money on outdoor furniture… We think it’s got to do with the ever-so-popular staycation.

We figured that now was a good time to show you pictures from one of our favorite projects ever (maybe because we fantasized that we were going to vacate or staycate there ourselves!).

When we arrived to do our job, our client told us the house needed barely any work, and he pretty much just needed some couches and chairs and a paint color here and there…But of course, when we saw the 80s style wetbar smack in the middle of the living room and the indoor jacuzzi centered in the sun room, we knew we had our work cut out for us.

The exterior needed an equal amount of love and attention as the interior did…I think the previous owners modeled it after the Weekend at Bernie’s house. Seriously…there were sharp angles everywhere and the pool was set on a diagonal. It was weird.

So here’s what we did.

We totally gutted the deck and the pool and gave them a lagoon shaped pool (we obviously got rid of those weird angles).

We then gave their daughter a matching kiddie pool. (Notice the rich mahogany trim around both pools – we get so excited about the details!)

Another detail we love was the framing of the faux greenery on both the cabana and the house.

How cool are the downlights and uplights highlighting the greenery? Love ’em!

All we did was use simple molding as the “picture frames,” lacquered it, and tacked these green squares of shrubbery to the walls.  Instant artwork.

Since the deck is so large we broke it up into lots of seating areas…

a cozy firepit right off of the living room for chilly nights…

a Gandia Blasco bed and a Sutherland settee make for a popular escape from the sun…

some funky emu chairs and outdoor drapes put a modern touch on the classic gazebo…

and an outdoor living room, complete with rug and sectional!

And by the way, you get to see the view of the outdoors right when you walk in the front door.

Isn’t this beach heaven? The bird chandelier and giant starfish canvas are my fave.


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