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taking rugs to a HIDEr level

February 1, 2010

You said it Jess – so odd that we don’t currently have any pet owning clients??? And while we’re at a “dog’s eye view”, let’s keep it here and talk about some to-die-for natural hide rugs that are taking our industry by storm. Some of the companies making these hide rugs have truly pushed the design envelope and have us designers simply ga-ga over their stuff. Jessica and I have already had the privilege of using one of them which you’ll be seeing really soon on our website. We’ll start with the ultimate trend setter in hide rugs, Mr. Kyle Bunting. Forget about all your preconceptions of hide – there are no zebra shaped throws here – only out-of-the box approaches to this interesting medium…check it out

amazing weave and color!

delicious! unbeatable texture.

who says you can't have a hide runner??!!!

perfect for that all white Miami condo

Our friends over at Mansour Modern, put out this great Morroccan inspired design – LOVE – and btw…if you’re ever in the LA area, you HAVE to check out their showroom – AAAAAAMAZING

the mix of pattern and depth of color is simply divine

Designers Fernando & Juan Diego Gerscovich took a geometrical approach to this rug and is perfect for that starkly modern space…

PURE does it again. Would love to see this in  a space with minimal color and have this rug completely take over…

patchwork doesn't get better than this

And if you just have to be a purist and stick to the regular ‘ole cow hide shaped rugs – you might as well step up the wow factor and go yellow with this one by raw hide company

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