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it was a long day

February 4, 2010

As I mentioned, it was a long day. Boy are my dogs barking. That’s the first time I ever used that expression and I am fairly certain it’s also the last. But, what I’m trying to tell you is that my feet hurt. V prepped me by telling me she was “dressing down” for our big on-your-feet day, but I wore some sensibly-heeled boots, which by the time I got home were no longer so sensible.

By the way, when V dresses down she still looks super cute. I called her a liar when I saw her outfit because she looked quite stylish, newsboy hat and all.

Anyhoo, we started our day with a rendezvous at Pier 94 for the NY International Gift Show. Remember when we were hired to design Papillon Linen’s booth at this summer’s Gift Show? It feels like just yesterday we were steaming linens and venetian plastering and styling bedding.

Today we saw some of our old faves like Bungalow 5 and World’s Away and some new faves like roost and art addiction.

roost accessories are perfect for … accessorizing

art addiction wouldn’t let us take photos but we had some faves and unfortunately the stuff on their site just doesn’t do it justice…they print on plexi which is ultra modern and super bold – it makes quite the statement!

art addiction’s gorgeous artwork

Speaking of printing on plexi, we came across Barloga Studio’s photos that are done in the same medium. They print only the shades of black and grey, leaving the background see-thru, which makes it absolute perfection for hanging oversize art on wallpaper, like we’re doing at our Long Island City job.

We want to use this triptych printed on plexi.I can’t wait to see it.

Also of note were the luscious sheared sheepskin bolster pillows which would be oh-so-chic in that Long Island City master bedroom. These are by Auskin.

the sheared one is on the right…the really furry ones don’t do it for me

We saw some trends, like the ubiquitous filament light bulb, which I still think are amazing at bars and restaurants, and I really dig their glow, but, my god, they were everywhere at the show! Makes something special…well…less special. But Thomas Edison would be proud (and he was from New Jersey – can I get a what-what! Or maybe a fist pump is a more appropriate holla for Jersey these days!).

image from grassrootsmodern

We saw lots more but I think I’m sure V wants to share her love list with you, so, continuing on with said long day, we headed over to the “apartment house” to do the nitty gritty of the job (find out why the tile has STILL not been grouted, meet the custom glass shower door dude, make an impromptu last minute ceiling paint change, etc) and then for some fun stuff – we finally began to accessorize and turn the “apartment house” into an “apartment house home” with some personalization.

just wait til we come back with our beloved wide angle lens in a few weeks so you can see how it all comes together

Our client has the cutest heart collection which she’s taken to display in her newly built wine rack.

And here are some other tidbits from the job that we’d like to share with you, dear blog friends.

So, yes, it was a long day. But it was a good day.

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