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Announcing: The Project

February 5, 2010

I am  really, really (really, really, really) excited to announce a new project we’re going to be working on. Thus fur mum has been the word as we try to hammer out the details and navigate through the ever-present, totally annoying bureaucracy of agencies, but I don’t want mum to be the word anymore. I just can’t keep it a secret from you anymore, friends, so here is the news…

V has been telling me for awhile now how she wished she knew of a way to give back and do good. But, of course being a lifelong designer, she wanted it to donate her services in something related to our industry. And can you believe that nothing like this really exists?

Well, I’m not sure what took me so long to see the signs, but alas, here I am now…As a former social worker, I have lots of experience with working with non profits, volunteers and agencies, fundraising, getting goods donated and managing projects. And, before I made my switch into design, I practiced my ID passion through my job at Project Sunshine, where, among many other things, I led projects to revamp playrooms and hallways in hospitals.

So, duh! I realized…I can get this going myself.

I immediately knew I wanted to work with women – as women business owners and a woman who has recently learned to be truly independent, I felt like it was really important to give to other women. So I got in touch with a women’s shelter that houses victims of domestic violence, and fingers crossed, we are going to be redesigning their common area.

This is the kind of project we live for. We can be as creative as we want because it’s 100% our project (no moms scared of sharp edges that aren’t actually sharp, no one to say – “no that blue’s too bold,” or “are you really going to hang that there?”) Plus, we’ll be giving back to some women who could really use some inspiration – both in design, and I really, really hope by seeing two young women (me and V!) be successful and independent.

We’ll be accepting all sorts of donations to make this happen – rugs and lamps and pillows and couches and good old fashioned cash. We’ll keep you posted on our wishlist of what we need because I know you’re just dying to contribute!

What’s with all the Audrey Hepburn quotes? It’s because of her incredible involvement in UNICEF and improving lives of others and remaining stylish and chic, all of which she did until her last days…

Images above from 3LambsStudio’s Photostream.

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