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my snow day

February 12, 2010

Yesterday while Sienna and V were busy making snow angels, Mack and I couldn’t get out of bed.

Actually that’s a lie. I went to yoga where I was really annoyed that the instructor who kept talking about being as light as the snow and bouncing on our yoga mats wouldn’t open the darn curtains to let us sneak a peak such inspiring snow.

isn’t my west village street pretty in the snow?

I also had a healthy dinner of fries and wine after treking way too far in the icy snow (actually, the fries were really good so it wasn’t too far).

please excuse my crummy blackberry photo

But I was completely unmotivated. I couldn’t do an ounce of work, even though I always work from home when we’re not out galavanting the D&D or checking in on our projects. I think it has something to do with school being out – you’re not supposed to do any work. Whatsoever.

So I perused some of my favorite blogs (like this one and this one) and I read the new Lonny issue.

My fave article was about two sisters who somewhat coincidentally ended up buying two prewar apartments with the same exact layout on the same floor of an NYC building. It was really interesting to see how the two apartments are similar and different, and it must have been a really fun project, provided there’s no sibling rivalry.

Open shelving vs. closed cabinetry, but the white cabinetry and wood floors keep both kitchens looking similar.

check out the desk area by the entryway – great use of space.

They both use zebra on the ottomans in front of the fireplace. Funny thing about zebra patterns – you either LOVE it or HATE it. Me loves it (provided it’s not the real thing!).

Both girls wallpapered their tiny powder rooms with a graphic paper – I prefer the bold David Hicks paper in the small space.

Moving on to another article, I happen to think that this designer did a phenomenal job working with a bathroom that was clearly tiled in the 80’s – the wallpaper totally jazzes it up, and even makes the horrendous standard issue globe lighting and surface mounted medicine cabinet much more manageable.

We recently had to do the same with a bathroom that the owners didn’t want to gut, and we have an upcoming project in a rental where we plan on doing it too. Wallpaper does wonders.

And it would just be wrong with a capital W if I didn’t mention Kelly Wearstler’s updated Avalon Hotel. The color scheme throughout is fresh and divine. I love the aquas, grays and golds, brightened up with our best friend, crisp white.

I’ll vacate to one of Kelly’s hotels any day.

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