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March 1, 2010

One of my numero uno hobbies is to search through StreetEasy to see what’s available for purchase in NYC, and then fantasize about how I would renovate/decorate if I lived there. Of course these days I’m looking only at pre-wars in the West Village because of my obsession with the history and architecture of this area. (My other fave hobby is to wander the streets and peak through windows. I’m a West Village home stalker.)

Soooo here’s my most recent fave find:

Cute, right?

Here’s the layout, which is a railroad style in that it’s long and narrow (very narrow). I prefer to think of it as cute and cozy (very cozy).Since you walk right in and are facing the kitchen (not the best “welcome home” space), I’d remove all of the upper cabinets and opt for open shelving to not only open up the space, but also make it more decorative and home-y, less  functional and kitchen-y. I’d also paint the lower cabinets a dark color to make it look like furniture and I’d stick the microwave in a drawer.

And I’d get rid of that brass faucet pronto! Ugh!

Are you digging all of the exposed brick? Dig this…

Yowza! That’s a boatload of brick and I’ve never seen anything like those beams or wood or whatever that is running vertically down the walls. The yellowish wood floor doesn’t work for me at all. I’d give it a nice chocolate-y walnut stain.

I’d never be able to live with myself if I covered all of this amazing brick with paint, but it’s just too much red for me. I’m not a red person. I’ll leave it the brick in the main space above as is, but white it will be for the bathroom and bedroom.

I love this cute little bathroom with the claw foot tub. I only wish there was enough width to sit the tub the other way in front of the window. How perfect would that be? But, alas, there isn’t, and I’d be perfectly happy with some new floor and wall tile, a pedestal sink and some dark grey paint (and white on the brick).

This honeycomb tile is called SoHo blend which is perfect because SoHo is West Village’s next door neighbor!

The bedroom’s the only room with a bit of a question mark (due to it’s incredibly tiny size, lack of good storage and some less then desirably placed windows, but I could wave my magic wand and make it work.

Maybe even exposed rack storage kinda like this…

image from the GOODS design

If you end up buying this charmer contact us for a free consultation! 🙂

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