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What is it with men and their chairs?

March 23, 2010

Let’s talk about men and their design needs…

1. No florals. No problem.

2. TV too big for the space. Par for the course.

(We actually had to add sheetrock onto a wall recently to expand it because the man’s too-big TV wouldn’t fit, and that was a size down from the TV he really wanted!)

3. Add a man chair.

We actually have three projects right now that the master of the house NEEDS a man chair, and we’re ok with the leather look, but come on, guys, let’s give it some style!

Our super modern almost space-age-y client is going with this rockin option from Natuzzi

It has an audio system with built in speakers. Rock on.

Our new bachelor is getting this chic modern but timeless chair from Room and Board

And we’ve been scouring the world-wide-web for some cool options for a soon-to-be-dad we’re working with, and here are some that we’d be totally on board with using….

also from Room and Board

so bummed he didn’t go with this one from Restoration Hardware

not even a classic Eames?

But of course, no, he doesn’t like these. So an ugly boring Al Bundy recliner it is for him and his adorable wife. Booooo!!!

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