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A modern library feel with a touch of glam

July 20, 2010

The inspiration for this project we recently worked on came from the guy’s love of books. He has a lot of them. Seriously… In fact, when we were there for the initial meeting I borrowed his all time fave which quickly became one of mine – The Alienist by Caleb Carr. Read it. It’s good.

He’s also really cool, and so is his girl, so we wanted to give them a funky, modern library feel in their downtown Manhattan apartment.

The colors are grey and white, with a splash of light blue and some chocolate and worn old leather thrown in.

We’ve been in love with Restoration Hardware’s reproduction of the Copenhagen chair and this turned out to be the perfect place to use it – hello cozy library feel!

The lovely lady who lives here is a major animal lover and defender, and she had a hard time grasping the deer head on the wall concept at first, but after a bit of convincing she was gung ho! The message that a a white lacquer deer head on the wall is really sending is that hanging real taxidermy is NOT ok!

And the final piece de resistance is the modern photo of ancient looking books hung in plexi. It’s from Art:Addiction’s “headboard” collection because it’s the length of the bed and could be used as a headboard…We did it over the sofa but it has the same effect – one big piece of art rather than several small. And of course, with over 25 feet of books that have been read and loved, and had to be displayed, the shelves surrounding the media unit give the real library feel.

She is also a little glamorous (she has an amazing wardrobe and handbags galore!) so this library den couldn’t be too dark and cozy…which is why we added some white lacquer and those big glass floor lamps. As always, a bit of a blend between his and her, cold and warm, light and dark…the mix is what gives the lived-in interesting feel (and makes everyone happy!).


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