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drowning in TRAVERTINE and loving it…

August 12, 2010

Jessica did mention that we while we were “away”, we’d been drowning in a sea of travertine and she wasn’t kidding! It just happens to be that we keep specifying this gorgeous material because we keep finding stunning renditions and applying them in patterns ranging from simplistic to “the tile installer is going to hate us for this” designs. Here are some we’ve come across so far…

Palladium by Ann Sacks available in a variety of sizes including this contemporary 12″x20″ field tile as well as a 1″x4″ stacked mosaic…

1 1/4

Then, there is this Siena Silver put out by Walker Zanger (you must check out their vignette of this material in their downtown showroom!!!! Yum!), also available in a great rectangular size of 12″x24″ as well as some really handsome molding options..

And this Classic Walnut travertine had us really questioning whether we were looking at real walnut! Stunning.

When we specify travertine, we typically go for the filled type, which simply means that the stone’s natural pits and crevices have been artificially filled which gives it a finer look as well as makes it less likely to grow bacteria and is easier to upkeep. Sealer is essential and luckily there is a 15 yr sealer out on the market now, that does a wonderful job and makes maintenance a breeze.

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