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sneak peak of a new gallery….

November 10, 2010

Sooooo, this past Sunday we hauled our butts to NJ to FINALLY photograph a project that we are so proud of and are excited for our wonderful photographer Alex to get done editing the images, so that we can share them all with you on our website. Despite the frigid temps and the NYC marathon, all went well and we had a great time with the wonderful family who calls this place home – even got them in a few shots! But you’ll have to wait to see those when we  get this place published 😉

We had so many inspirations for this project…the voluminous space, the various functions that had to be accommodated, the amazing large family, the beautiful outdoor space that you see from the expansive windows and doors in the space, the list goes on and on… With that, we jumped in with two feet and developed a furniture plan and a lighting plan that met all of the room’s needs and functions and developed a finish plan that brought in extremely rich tones, exotic woods and a lot of WOW as we went for a CHIC, with a capital C, ski lodge effect. We addressed the volume in the room with a deep aubergine paint color and added drama with sweeping drapery and a custom one-of-a-kind silk hanging fixture, that is the crowning jewel in the room. Family life was given center stage via a custom gallery wall that is now filled with photos of our clients’ beautiful children and adorable dog, Floyd. An audio visual system was also integrated because what’s a party without tunes??? And this is definitely a room to entertain in, complete with a custom bar we designed.  We’ll be sure to give you more details once we get the final photos to give you a breakdown on how you can achieve a similar look. Enjoy! 

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