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holiday crunch time

December 15, 2010

Can you believe there are only 11 days left before Christmas? I can’t.

Coffee table books (aka CTBs) make some of the best gifts to give (and get, hint hint) – they can be personalized by who’s giving or to who’s getting,  and since we’re in the gift giving spirit, I’m sharing some of my all time faves and some on my wish list.

Quite possibly my numero uno is this oversized book with images of animals on stark white backgrounds. The detail captured is simply remarkable.

You know I love the old architecture of Greenwich Village and this book captures it perfectly.

I’m always astonished that designs from so many years ago can look so utterly “today” … David Hicks never ceases to amaze me.

And now some to add to my growing collection…

Since fashion and interiors often go hand in hand, who doesn’t want to see how these mega designers live?

Totally want to read about this icon, and even though it’s not a CTB I can definitely find room on my bookshelf for it!

And definitely need this new compilation of photos of my personal icon (and, who are we kidding here, everyone else’s)…

And for my interior design partner in crime, I’d give these to satisfy her love of all things Louis V and Astrology:

and btw, check out One Kings Lane CTB sale that went live today!

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