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Goodies @ The Rug Company

December 28, 2010

While at a recent trip to The Rug Company in Soho with one of our clients, we picked this up…

Amazing pattern that's a lot like those old school wonky 3D images we used to bug out with as kids

but were stopped in our tracks by a slew of other things, namely these…

Love these for SO many reasons

Then there were these, that our client will be purchasing for her little girl’s room – what a cool little girl! and MOM!

A couple of these will be coming home with me…

Same Ponti print as the rug above but in one of my fave colors right now, yellow

And with Tartan being EVERYWHERE right now, we weren’t surprised to see their new aubusson Tartan line – but we were totally struck by the color palettes. This tried and true pattern is usually the perfect antidote for a cold winter day, but Vivienne Westwood’s clever use of unexpected hues will take these bad boys well into the warm days of spring.

By the way, if you haven’t been there recently – do yourself a favor and make a trip – the recent renovation will transport you to a classically designed space with a bunch of tongue in cheek nods to the past. Also – stop and appreciate the AH-MAZING high gloss finish on the store’s main doors – we did.

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