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2011 Design Resolutions

December 30, 2010

I’m not a big New Year’s resolution maker since I truly believe if you want to make a change in your life, make it now – don’t wait til the ball drops!

Buuuut, that being said, I’m thinking of getting into the spirit with some interior design related resolutions:

1. High Gloss It Up!

V and I have always been big lovers of high gloss, and as of late we’ve been able to get a few of our clients to go for it on their ceilings (providing a shiny, twinkly, majestic surface over head) but in 2011 a high gloss room or two is a MUST for us. This is a trend we are so not over. I’m thinking bold and dramatic, like the photos below…

design by Jeffrey Bilhuber

by Christina Murphy Interiors

2. Take More Risks (and convince our clients to, also!)

Don’t the details we get noticed for most come from the biggest risks we take? How many times do we hear concerns over a series of wall sconces, or lots of color and pattern, or enclosing an area that we swear will actually make a room feel larger, or promising that dark colors won’t make a room claustrophobic…We’ve lost some battles, but have also won many and when we do, we receive the ultimate gratification when our clients say “You were right! We love it!”  Over the years we’ve learned big risk = big payoff!

We most often hear hesitation with our bold color choices, but time and time again, we nail it and our clients are overly thrilled that they listened to us.

Whether furnishings compliment the dark walls or are high contrast, bold wall colors always make a dramatic statement.

3. Reduce, Re-use, Go Green!

I’m a more-is-more kind of gal, so you’re not going to hear me say hold back on the furniture or accessories, but I will say that we can all use a little clutter clearing (it’s good for feng shui too!), so, people, in 2011, let’s vow to reduce the amount of things we don’t need in our lives or our homes, and stick with making what we do need better.

Let’s also make a vow to reuse our possessions before tossing them to the curb in a redesign…what can we repaint, relocate and give new life in a new place? We’ve mentioned before that this burled wood wasn’t the cat’s meow, but we worked with it, and not against it, and everyone is happy with the result, including Mother Nature!

So, amigos, what are your interior design resolutions? Stay more organized, add more color or pattern, invest in a timeless piece? Whatever it may be, bring it on 2011! We look forward to seeing you soon! Happy New Year!
xox, jg

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