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woke up this morning with a yearning for CONSOLES…

February 3, 2011

yes, I know it’s weird, but I think it comes with being an interior designer – you just get wrapped up in these furniture fetishes. Anyhoo – consoles are wonderful additons that can make a great statement in your space, but more importantly – they are extremely versatile. Think about it – they can serve as a drop off area in your foyer, but if it has drawers, it can move to your dining room and house dinnerware or move to your office and store files or even your bedroom and depending on height, become a vanity. Being the transient people we are, consoles are great investment pieces since you can almost guarantee their ability to be repurposed in any new space. I can attest first hand to this – in my new place, my former office console now sits in my dining room. In my old place it was filled with paper, office supplies, etc. – now it houses linens, trays and anything else I don’t want to schlep to or from the kitchen! When it sat in my office, I had a great big floral arrangement on it with picture frames. NOW, I have a big leaning mirror on it and  all of my alcoholic bevarages sit on top of it, complete with antique decanters. LOVE.

Here are just a few consoles that have caught my eye as of late…

This one is a really distinguished piece by The New Traditionalists that you can design almost any which way – along with a ton of finish options, you can select your own fabric/leather to be inserted into the door panels

Then there is this really gutsy one by Julian Chichester – would love to see this in a really brightly colored room…


Renditions of this one can be found almost everywhere right now, but I think this one by Horchow is particularly striking…

In true console form, this guy sold through Wisteria, can easily become a mobile cart helping you to get all that darn dinnerware back into kitchen when the party’s over…

Now I know that this isn’t a true console, but I couldn’t resist throwing it in with the rest of these guys – the folks over at Ralph Lauren outdid themselves with this sexy bar

Okay, I think I’m good now – I’ve satisfied my craving –  now back to work! We have a BIG presentation on Sunday!

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