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February 7, 2011

As we mentioned yesterday on facebook, we were doing a presentation for one of our newer clients and wanted to present our ideas to YOU today. We’ll call them the K Family going forward, since we’ll be documenting this project on this blog from start to finish in order to give you a REAL WORLD understanding of how the design process works – there is no TV editing of time & tears =) here,  no production teams to accessorize, no budget conversation deletions,  NADA – only the real deal stuff – good OR bad.

Since we’re already underway with the design portion, we’ll bring you up to speed on what’s happened so far. We met this great couple who are parents to four spunky kids after being referred to us by our happy clients of this residence. While the K Family has a completely different aesthetic, they saw the potential in us working together on their own space. After a few design consultations – both in person, by phone and through email, we honed in on budget and got a good understanding of what our clients wanted out of their space, which happens to be a rather large great room with views of Manhattan. They were in agreement on how they wanted the space used, which included everything from entertaining for large amounts of people, piano lessons, reading, and quiet family time. However, their aesthetic likes were very different from one another and so Jessica and I set out to create a sound furniture and lighting plan that addressed all of the room’s needs and gave them a whopping FOUR color schemes to choose from.

Here are some images of what the space currently looks like:

 Some key items to note are how the platform that welcomes you into the space is adorned with an amazing sort of vintage-y marble + brass balustrade and lends grandeur to the space,  the expansive windows that make the room feel sort of endless, the high ceilings and the herringbone wood floors. The clients also recently cladded their fireplace in this large chiseled Jerusalem stone and so we made sure that every palette option we presented worked beautifully with it.

In such a large space, it’s obvious that more than one seating group is needed and so we ultimately decided on a fireplace area and a piano/entertaining area. We also needed to balance the heaviness of the cladded fireplace with a strong visual element on the opposing wall. This led us to design an elevation that has strong visual impact and can substitute for art, as our client, an avid art lover, builds his collection. In essence, what we will do is create huge panels and within them will insert a 3D shell tile that lends a ton of visual depth with its scalloped edges while also picking up on the tones of the Jerusalem stone.

Here is our rendering of how we propose transforming the space… 

Rendering for id 810 design group by TA Studios

 We played up the windows with floor to ceiling flanking drapes and mixed both streamlined and softer edged furnishings to merge both Mr. and Mrs. K’s aesthetics. Check out our presentation board…

 Here are the four colors schemes we gave them:








They ended up going with a combination of Options B and D which will define the space as a formal but approachable space as we throw in some of the funkier elements like a chromatic green crocodile print and metallic cow hyde that is part of our signature fresh look.  

Mr. K wasn’t loving the chaise and has a particular ceiling fixture in mind, so those two items will be re-specified – you can’t win it all folks…AGAIN this is how REAL world design works.

Next, we’ll get to ordering products and meet with the general contractors that will bid on the construction and custom cabinetry that we’ve designed for the space. Let the design execution phase begin!

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