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Feng Shui Friday: Feeling Blue

February 11, 2011

Welcome to our new series aptly titled “Feng Shui Friday” as we’ll give some Feng Shui tips and tidbits each and every – you guessed it – Friday. I’ve been intrigued by Feng Shui for a few years now, and although I don’t pretend to be an expert by any means, I do love incorporating these principles in my own home and with our clients whenever possible.

As designers our first meetings with clients often begin with asking questions about color: what colors do you love and which do you hate? But we also find out how and when our clients plan on using their rooms (is it to unwind after a long day at work, or is it to entertain a large group of (ahem, rowdy) friends?) Feng shui can help us use the right color to promote the activity, feeling or mood for a particular space.

designed by id 810 design group

Since I’m in need of a little serenity and tranquility in my life right now, I find that I’ve been gravitating toward monochromatic color schemes. (I’m usually known for my passion for unexpected, bold, vibrant colors but they’ve been momentarily put on hold). I currently have a giant watermelon colored stripe in my bedroom, but I’m toying with the idea of going with a pale pale silvery blue.

images above from House Beautiful

We all know blue has calming and soothing qualities. Blue is a “yin” energy which means that it is passive (as opposed to yang energies which are aggressive and passionate, like the color red). Yin colors can help ease an overactive (or troubled) mind, and they help us de-stress and zone out. Other yin colors include purple, green, pink, black and white (and we’ll dive into those colors in other posts). It’s all about the affect the color has on our eyes, which obviously links to the affect that color has on our mind, and thus our body and emotions.

image above from Lonny Magazine

Blue reflects love and promotes peace. It heals and it relaxes. Our first associations with the color are often the ocean or the sky, both which are incredibly relaxing images.

Isack Kousnsky Photography

Likewise, aqua and turquoise, the color of the sky and the sea, get bonus points as super calming colors since they are the combination of blue, green and white, ALL yin colors.

(But do be careful of where you put an image of water – there will be a whole future topic on this, but water is a symbol for wealth, and when used correctly, it can keep you rolling in dough…however, used incorrectly, like above your bed, or if the image shows a waterfall, it can be detrimental to your bank account and you’ll see the cash wash away.)

What’s interesting is that although it is passive, blue’s yin isn’t a weak energy – it is able to transcend other energies because of it’s calming effect, which means, pair blue with doses of a yang color, like orange, and the effect can still be soothing.

image above from  Elle Decor

image above from Lonny Magazine

Blue isn’t just for bedrooms – today we lead very busy, hands-on lives and often need tranquility when we come home from long days at work or hectic commutes home, so it’s an inviting color for foyers, living areas and bathrooms as well.


images above by id 810 design group

J Lo’s living room from Veranda

P.S. Stronger blues, like navy, are associate with wisdom and intelligence. I just painted my nails navy…what do you think that means?

image above from Lonny Magazine

Up next week on Feng Shui Friday: Mirrors – Friend or Foe?

‘Til then, jg

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