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Feng Shui Friday: Mirrors, Friend or Foe?

February 18, 2011

We love mirrors. Without fail, every time a mirror goes up in a home we’ve designed we have our wham bam thank you ma’am moment. We always think a space looks great as is, but once that reflective surface goes up these girls get giddy.

image above by id 810 design group


You’ve probably heard of the term “chi” in regards to feng shui. Chi is based on the ancient Chinese principle that positive energy is constantly flowing around us – it’s life, health, prosperity, and all good things. In your home and office, your chi should be able to move freely, and if you’re not doing well, either financially, physically or emotionally, chances are your chi is literally being blocked (i.e. if you have a large sofa positioned poorly in a room and the energy cannot flow around it). Mirrors can often assist  (or hurt) in moving chi around depending on where and how they are placed.

Some mirror DO’s and DON’Ts:

DO hang a mirror on a side wall in the foyer, just DON’T hang it directly across from the door or you will send all of that good chi energy right back out.

image above by id 810 design group

DO use mirrors to make small spaces seem larger. DON’T hang mirrors across from one another or the chi energy will be bounced back and forth.

image above from Lonny

Mirrors amplify and double what they reflect, so DON’T put a mirror directly across from your bed, or when you’re sick or stressed it will send those feelings right back to you, and keep you sick or stressed (same goes for any reflective surface, like a TV). A good rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t be able to see your image reflected while laying in bed.

image above from Rue

image above from House Beautiful

A mirror should always without fail reflect something beautiful, so DO position a mirror to reflect a great view outside your window, a piece of art that you love, or a fantastic light fixture (which will also add a twinkly glow when reflected in the mirror – bonus!). DON’T place a mirror across from a bathroom or garbage can where you’ll double the unattractive view (sounds like common sense, but you’d be surprised…).

image above from House Beautiful

According to feng shui, mirrors shouldn’t distort your image, so heavily antiqued mirrors and cut glass are out. BUT according to designers, these items are H-O-T, HOT, so we say just use them in small doses and carefully chosen areas and you should be good to go!

image above from Lonny

Up next Feng Shui Friday: TBD!

xox, jg

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