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February 24, 2011

by Morocco. I REALLY am! Well….it’s that or I just gravitate towards anything Moroccan. I remember being so captivated by Moorish architecture while in design school and enjoying the curvature of its architecture that was the antithesis of the Bauhaus school of architecture that I was training within. Years ago, when my sister asked me what I’d wanted her to bring me back as she departed for a tour of Europe and The Mediterranean – without skipping a beat, I said “ANYTHING MORROCAN!”. Like the great big sister she is, she brought me back a chandelier made of burnished brass and beautifully colored glass – I couldn’t believe it! It hasn’t made its way to the ceiling yet, but once I get high enough ceilings – that bad boy is going right up! I recently watched a show featuring a couple looking for a new home in Morocco and again was simply amazed at the architecture. Spaces are conceived so differently – you are forced to meander through small spaces, narrow spaces, and voluminous spaces – all within the same structure. As you walk through these spaces, finishes tend to change, you may stumble upon an indoor water fountain or a stained glass skylight – making for a magical, moving experience. So of course, as I am in my Moroccan-luvin state of mind, I pick up this month’s Elle Decor and what do I find??? Of course, a spread on fashion designer Liza Bruce’s home in Morocco – see what I mean??? Check out some of the featured pics along with some other random shots highlighting the voluminous spaces, embellished surfaces, airy courtyards, and brightly colored walls that ARE Morocco.

Image courtesy of Elle Decor

Image courtesy of Elle Decor


Image courtesy of Elle Decor

Image courtesy of Elle Decor

The following photos are courtesy of,,, and

Does this not say "come hither" or what???!!


If you’re not totally ready to commit to a total Moroccan look, try subtle moves like this inspired wallpaper we used here on a silver leaf background…

trellis motif on silver leaf background wallpaper, interior by id810 design group

Or, incorporate textiles that have a Moroccan influence. Here, we paired an Eastern inspired paisley printed on a heavy cotton linen for drapes with a bronze satin for a flat roman shade…

Moorish paisley print mixed with metallic bronze satin window treatment, interior by id 810 design group

If you’re as nutty as I am and would actually consider buying and renovating a riad in Morocco, check out this blogpost.

For a brief overview on the history of Moroccan architecture, check this out

Signing off Moroccan style,

Ma’as Salaam,


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