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Feng Shui Friday: Takin it to the office

March 4, 2011

This might sound ridiculous but we’ve moved our office and somehow we couldn’t figure out how to set up our new space (we’re still in the same building, just upgraded!) Isn’t that crazy? This is what we do for a living. Arrange furniture. What is wrong with us?

So I took to doing some good ol’ feng shui research to see if it would help shed a little light on where to put our desks, and it did.

The bagua is one of the maintools used in feng shui and it is essentially a map to the 9 areas of energy in a space (home or office). Here’s what it looks like:

this bagua is from “feng shi your life” by Jayme Barrett

sorry for the iphone photos but I was lazy and didn’t feel like scanning…

from top left, clockwise: wealth + prosperity, fame + reputation, love + relationships, creativity + kids, health +well-being, family, knowledge + wisdom, career, helpful people

The idea is to overlay the bagua over your floorplan, so you can see how the areas correspond to your physical space. It can be to your entire home or just a room, or even just a desk. There are a whole bunch of rules on what to do if your home isn’t a perfect square or rectangle, and you’ll see an example of this in our office floorplan.

Here is the basic layout:

We toyed with desks here:

but we didn’t like how office-y it made the room look, even though it would allow us lots of room for storage and maybe a little round table and chairs right in front of the window…

or desks here:

but it’s really bad feng shui to have your back to the door, when you can’t see who is coming in behind you.

So here is what we landed on and why:

See how we overlayed the bagua over this floorplan to find what zones coordinate with the desks?

again, my apologies on iphoto quality!

Desk A:

Who doesn’t want a desk in front of the window? Isn’t that the epitome of “making it”?

That desk is in the “Creativity + Kids” and “Helpful People” zones. Creativity in our field is a no-brainer. Major bonus.Helpful People isn’t as intuitive to figure out, but if you energize this area it can bring you people or spirits (yes, this is feng shui) that can help you get new clients, investors or mentors and attract people who can help or teach you. Ok, double bonus.

Some tips for your “Helpful People” zone:

– Inspiring photos, books or articles featuring someone you admire, magazines or books you want to be featured in or something that represents a potential investor that you’d like to sponsor you.

– good colors: gray, silver, or black and white

Desk B:

This desk is nicely placed in the “Wealth + Prosperity” zone. I think that is pretty self explanatory.

Some tips for your “Wealth + Prosperity” area:

– clear clutter and don’t leave anything negative here, definitely¬†don’t put the garbage can here

– no dead plants or flowers, but a healthy plant is great – and put a mirror behind it and double the effectiveness (this pretty much goes for every zone)

– good place for a lamp

– good colors: red, gold, or accents of purple and green

Other areas that are important to us:

The back wall, opposite the door, is the Fame + Reputation zone. Let’s take some time to discuss.

Don’t put water or symbols of water here. (They put out your fire). Tall, healthy plants are good, and red, orange, yellow items, with green accents are also good. Candles – thumbs up. Objects of recognition like credentials or diplomas are also good.

“Knowledge + Wisdom” is to the left of the entry door. We’ll probably store our materials and binders here, so we’ll need to clear out any items that we don’t use so they don’t block us from things we should be using. Old magazines shouldn’t be kept here because they can clutter up our minds with too much info and block our own inner guidance. Good colors for this area are blue and green.

“Love and Relationships” is in the missing corner (like I said, not every room is a perfect square). My first thought was big deal, we’re at work, not home, but after thinking about it, it’s probably not just romantic relationships, but our relationships with our clients and vendors, and hello, each other! So this area is important to focus attention on and find a way to bring it back in.

When you have a missing corner, you need to make up for it symbolically. This can be done by putting a large mirror on the wall closest to the missing area. Then you can put a plant in front of the mirror to increase the energy.

We applied these principles to the new digs, and already we’re getting good juju from the place. Totally digging it.

Up next on Feng Shui Friday: Yellow, the sunshine color (can we please get some sun already?)

xxx, jg

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  1. virginia santaliz permalink
    March 4, 2011 4:44 pm

    wow seems like you have everything figure out looks good sounds good lots of luck !!!!!

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