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call it what cha want

March 6, 2011

Whether you consider it to be Chevron, Herringbone or plain ‘ole zig zag – this family of patterns has been around for-e-ver, but we’re still stopped dead in our tracks when we come across vintage and modern-day  applications alike. And yeeeeees, we know that every blogger under the sun has posted something about this “trend”. However, we don’t believe that this pattern will ever fizzle. Indeed the contemporary uses of it displayed in really chromatic shades and hugely overscaled repeats, will phase out, but the patterns themselves have and will stand the test of time. Therefore, we’ve compiled a group of images of products – from stone to wallpaper, that we’ve come across during our travels that we think are worth your investment.

We tweeted last week about how we uncovered these beautiful wooden herringbone floors at our Flatiron project that we’ll be staining in an ashy whitish-gray stain – don’t even ask how many stain samples we had our GC mix up to achieve the perfect stain!!! And if you think these will ever be trendy…ur just plain nuts…these floors have been here since the early 1900’s and we’re just about to give them a whole new lease on life.

looking better already...


Clockwise from left: Marble herringbone found at Walker Zanger, mother of pearl wallpaper by Maya Romanoff that we source at Bergamo, all new recycled polyester wallpaper called Adire by our loves at Wolf Gordon, always lush and never trendy: cashmere velvet herringbone fabric, onyx marble mosaic we source from Stone Source and lastly, we can’t forget Missoni for it’s iconic zig zag…this is the Liuwa rug sold trough Unica Home – fellow blogger has also featured this fabulous find.

Also consider reinterpretations of this pattern. We like to think this rug by The Rug Company is a contemporary yet timeless spin on this old favorite.

Jess and V during a recent photoshoot at a client's home


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