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Our picks for Summer 2011

March 28, 2011

Being your interior design partners in crime, we took it upon ourselves to contact our reps at the leading manufacturers of premium outdoor furniture like David Sutherland, Emu, Janus et Cie and Gandia Blasco to name a few, to give you the scoop on what’s hot for summer 2011. We are right on time, because this time of year typically starts the planning of outdoor projects and we already have about 5 invitations to preview parties at outdoor furniture showrooms around the city. Our reps were all excited to share the super exciting pieces that they are rolling out. The collections, across the board are invigorating and have brought back the energy that has been missing the last couple of years. Thankfully, color is back in a BIG way and gone are the powder blues and browns that became grossly overdone, not that we ever subscribed to it anyway…even in this project in ’09 we weren’t leaving color alone. One line that takes color to a whole new level is David Sutherland’s Perennials fabric line – they are launching Color Pops in super graphic fabrics with fun names like Swoop, Swish, Swizzle & Soft Rock  in a really chromatic palette.

After sorting through tons of images  (believe us, there were a lot), we chose only those that we truly felt were statement makers. We were looking for perfect silhouettes, ingenuity in design and an ability to be easily integrated into existing outdoor furniture plans.  Some pieces remained clunky, but we were fascinated at how some pieces were extremely finely tuned,  superbly blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor furnishings. Check out our compilation of the pieces we’ll be happy to spec for  upcoming summer projects…

Winners in the seating category, clockwise from left: Cantilever chair by Emu, molded wicker chair by Janus et Cie, dining chair by Barbara Berry for McGuire, angular dining chair by Janus et Cie, Na Xemena chair by Gandia Blasco

Winners in the lounge category, clockwise from left:Chaise with bumper and slim lounger by Janus et Cie, chaise with towel storage by Emu

Winners in the accessories and fabric category, clockwise from left: Heaven vase by Emu, Perennials 2011 outdoor fabric collection sold through David Sutherland, colorful umbrellas by Emu, side table with built in solar absorbing strip that makes the table illuminate at night by Emu, tea carts by Emu.

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