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I have D.A.D. Design Attention Disorder.

March 30, 2011

I thought I’d share a personal design project we’re working on right now…my mom’s Dining Room! Personal projects always prove to be the most challenging for me. We can whip up a concept in the blink of an eye for a client, but when it’s our own spaces we fret and contemplate and rethink everything. Over and over. Until we’re like “Ugh just do it already! I don’t even care what it is, I just can’t spend any more time thinking about this god damn headboard!”

I think my D.A.D. problem is that because I’m in this industry, I see the best of the best, and I’m scared that when I finally make a decision and commit to something, that the very next day I’ll see something I love even more and then be kicking myself in my big behind. (Umm, see above referenced headboard – I’m already onto the next big idea and have only had my custom designed headboard for 2 months!)

I’m having this same problem working on mi mama’s casa…I want it to be drop dead spectacular because that’s what she deserves (and I’ll be dining here, too, so let’s be honest, I want to show off a bit too). So every time I see something I die for, I’m scared to take the plunge because I don’t want to come across something I MURDER for, and then I’m like, oh geez, I just died for that mirror yesterday, but I today I’d murder for this one!

Buuut I’m trying to get this ish taken care of to show it off to the fam on Passover (which is super soon – my April 18th deadline is approaching!) so I’m just doing it – design commitment phobia, step aside!

So here are some pics of the room as is – my parents moved into this brand new house about 2 years ago and couldn’t wallpaper at the time because the walls and ceilings needed to settle (otherwise you’d see the seams of the paper spreading which ain’t so pretty). Therefore they (and by they, I mean she) decided to wait until she could use paper to really do up the room.

The dining table is a Karl Springer original. Lacquered goat skin. That’s right folks. Ew. Can you believe we humans call that a luxury item? But it is a gorgeous table, so I gotta give that Karl some credit. My parents were gifted it from my grandparents and didn’t even know what it was or valued at until they had a house sale a couple of years ago. Smartly they didn’t part with it. So that stays.

The dining chairs are pretty busted in those colors and patterns. My mom is beyond stylish and it boggles my mind that she would have done that to those chairs. So we are reupholstering the seat fronts in a luscious deep violet outdoor fabric from Donghia. Why outdoor fabric? Because I have the cutest little nephews in the world who will totally be attempting mass destruction at the dinner table and I’m taking every precaution I can.

The backs are going to be upholstered in a subtle tone-on-tone animal print from Duralee.

Much to my dismay animal prints are hot + heavy right now. I’d give anything to make them go away so I don’t start hating on them soon. Leopard and cheetah prints make me ooh and ahhh. I love them so. Blogs and fashion and social media, please don’t make me end my love affair with animal prints. I beg.

The walls are being covered in this Maya Romanoff paper. And to show off all of the shimmery gorgeousness of the paper, we need some wall sconces.

We’re working with this hanging fixture, so the new sconces are going to be brass as well.

I toyed with a few different options and finally decided on these bad boys from Circa Lighting.

Gorgeous, right?

The big debate is what to hang between the sconces – art vs. mirror. My mom has this phobia of mirrors in the dining room. Our old house had floor to ceiling mirror on the long wall in the dining room, so she doesn’t want to have another room in which her guests will watch themselves eat. And even though this mirror will be decorative and pretty she is still convinced that her guests are so self centered (or self conscious?) that they’ll be looking at themselves instead of her brisket (Which, in case you were wondering, her recipe is killer. Killer.).

Growing up, that wall of mirror made for a great stage for me. I used to put our cordless phone on speaker and sing The Little Mermaid soundtrack while sprawled out on the Karl Springer, watching myself in the wall to wall mirror.  But that was the 80s and now kids have guitar hero and rock band and don’t have to have imaginations…

As of today, I am pushing this mirrored series from Arteriors. I’m digging the mix of metals going on in this room…the metallic wallpaper, the brassy light fixtures and now this…

I’m also liking the height on these mirrors. I don’t want some dinky little narrow thing just floating in the middle. It needs to be substantial. And these are. Across from the mirrors my mom can put her art.

The ceiling is going to be painted in a high high glossy pewter so everything sparkles and glows. Can’t wait to show you how it turns out (with better pictures, I promise. I wasn’t planning on posting these and then the idea struck me.)

xox, jg

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  1. jen permalink
    April 6, 2011 6:28 pm

    This is going to be amazing!! Cannot wait to stare at myself all through passover!! and thanks for the shout out to your most adorable nephews!!!


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