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Meet LaraGeorgine, our Guest Blogger of the week!

April 2, 2011

Hola blogger friends! Today we’d like to introduce you to one of my old and dear friends, who I can objectively say is a SUPER talented illustrator, graphic designer, print designer and awesome mom to two of Philly’s most adorable little boys, Joachim and Sergei. Since home and fashion are so intertwined, we thought it quite fitting that LaraGeorgine, write about it, given her background in both. Be sure to check out her work here and here and visit her blog. Without further adou, here she is…

Decor, by definition, is a stage setting, a style and layout of interior furnishings while Fashion, by definition, is a general term for a currently popular style or practice, a more general term “costume”. 

Hello!  I am LaraGeorgine and I am a designer that has worked in a couple different areas of the fashion and stationery industry. I have used inspiration from runway to home and everything in between to make patterns and repeats for pretty much everything and anything that people asked for.  I have to say that initially my view of decorating the home with print was pretty myopic, but then I realized that it is not just wall paper, towels and sheets just as in fashion it is not just the dress.  It was everything from floor to ceiling that could be embellished, printed on, and used to create something that makes you smile every time you look at it. 

I love pattern (and why wouldn’t I if I spend most of my day designing it?!?!) Its everywhere, on our jewelry, shoes, bags, jackets and clothes and throughout our homes and work places.  I find that at times I need to look at the world and the things in it from a different angle to keep myself fresh and original.  And during one of my many book hunts I came across a book called The Well Dressed Home by Annette Tatum that is simply beautiful. 

The Well Dressed Home shows the connections between the authors finds in fashion and how she used those in the home.  The book is illustrated with wonderful lush photographs.  The patterns in the wall paper and the patterns in the clothing give me a new way to look at pattern.   Can I use one shape that is similar and fill it with an animal?  Or maybe a dancer, or plant.  What if I used the repeat from a dress and made it up of a line drawing of computers, or space ships or coffee beans? This way of thinking is what got me to two of the prints I’ve designed below.

The idea for the Blue Floral print begain while I was out and about in Chardsford PA. I was inspired by the many antique malls that are scattered around and while out looking at old Dutch dishes, I fell in love with the simple blue and white patterns and felt that doing a floral in the same manner could be beautiful for bedding in an extra large size or applied to sleepwear garments.  I sketched from some flowers that I had in the house onto 32 lb. Ledger paper and used Blue Higgins artist inks with a #10 acrylic round brush to create this print.  I then scanned it in, and rearranged the some of the flowers using photoshop to complete the tossed repeat. Voila!

The Green Vines Floral print came to be, out of a love of Damasks.  I had been seeing a lot of ornate and stylized florals around in the market on everything from bathroom accessories to stationary items.  I felt that I could add a little twist to it by making it a bit more graphic even though it is a hand painted piece.  I again used the 32 LB. Ledger paper with custom mixed gauche (actually left over from some fine art works that I had done).  I kept the colors simple in pink and green on a white ground as I felt that it gave a clean look.  Again, I scanned this in and put it into a repeat but making it a much more linear print than the blue floral.  Ideally I’d like to see this print as a border on dinnerware or enlarged as a funky wallpaper.


I have to say I wish I had thought of putting it down in writing.  It’s funny to think how much our home inspires our clothing and how much our clothing inspires our homes.  We all have personal style, if we know it or not, just sometimes it takes someone elses eye to make us realize it.  This resource has been a wonderful inspiration to me as of late.   It has given me a new way to think about print and a new way to think of my home.  Now I am left constantly wondering…is the stage set?  Am I dressed and ready for the curtain???

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