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Making lemonade

April 19, 2011

Don’t you hate when your subcontractor decides to play designer and change what you explicitly, specifically, told him to do? Because he thought you were doing something “wrong” and he takes it in his own hands to do what he thinks is “right”?

As you know, my mini-deadline for Mom’s Dining Room was yesterday. It was a rush job, and I knew it wouldn’t all be complete, but what was supposed to be simple and done was this:  the wallpaper would be installed and the wall sconces  would be hung. And they were. Just hung on the ceiling.

Umm, what the heck is that?

Can someone please explain to me why the electrician thought the walls should have antlers? My instructions were insanely clear.

See that blue tape on the bottom? That said “Install electrical box here.” And see the tape on the top? That said “The top of the shade should be here.” NOT the electrical box should be here, as he clearly implied himself because he thought this crazy designer wants to hang the sconces too low, and he failed to consider the fact that they are 22.5″ tall, even though that little paper has a pretty little drawing on it showing the height AND the actual sconces were on site for him to see himself!  He made my day crappy.

But I believe in the power of positive, so I only dwelled on how mad I was at him for like, a day (which could really have been like, a week if I was a negative person, but I’m not). You gotta roll with the punches in this business.

So how to rectify the situation? Well, as you can see, the wallpaper had already been installed. So in order to move the sconces down to their rightful height, the wallpaper would need to be ripped out, and we’d need to get more, and it would need to be reinstalled. An option, but an annoying one.

My sweet dad thought that once I saw the sconces in person I’d think it looked fine, so I humored him and didn’t tell my mom there was a ginormous problem until I got there last night. Dad thought keeping them as-is was an option. Not an option.

Third option: make lemonade.  Move these pretty little sconces to another location in the house, and get new wall sconces that drop down, instead of reaching up. Which is a great option, and the one we will pursue, but it’s turning out to be trickier to find an attractive, normally priced sconce than one would think…

Here are the top two contenders (neither of which are in the above referenced “normal” price range, but both are knock-outs).

We’ve had our eyes on this Jonathan Browning sconce since 2008 (not a joke). It’s exquisite and pricey and I love it.

We also love Ochre’s Drizzle wall sconce, which we would definitely pump up the glam factor in the room. I have a feeling this is the one my mom will like because of it’s modern crystal-like quality. (She is crystal-y).

SO, what do you guys think? Have a sconce preference between these two?

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