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April 26, 2011

Some of you may have picked up on one of our twitter feeds that we were in the conceptual design phase of a woman’s boutique clothing store that will go by the oh-so-fun name of Tutu Frills. Our clients, who themselves are long time friends and have been in the industry for a good while now, are ready to open up their own store and have very distinct design ideas – from the way the merchandising will lay out to what color garments go where – these ladies are PRE-cise. As it relates to the decor, they were flexible but were leaning more towards whites with accents of color and pattern and wanted the general vibe to be chic. The thrust behind the store’s concept was two-fold. One part was that it should continue to foster the client relationships that these two have garnered with their expertise over the years (they LITERALLY have a following and aren’t even fashion designers themselves – they just EXUDE style!) – which for us meant a place to lounge within the store complete with a bar and all. The other was to be able to style their clients effortlessy – which meant for us that they had to be able to easily grab a pair of shoes, earrings and outfit for a clients in a pinch – super accessible.

After a few shopping trips and floor plans later, we were ready to present our plan to them. They pretty much loved everything from the rose gold mirrored ceilings to the chesterfield sofa and the ostrich wrapped mirrors in the dressing area. What they weren’t fans of, were the floor to ceiling tone on tone zebra drapes that concealed the dressing area and were a major focal point in our plan. They wanted more color and pattern and after much deliberation, we considered having a custom fabric made up for the job. In comes our good friend and textile designer Lara Georgine. We explained to her what the concept needed to be and we hope to soon have a strike off run off at Spoonflower. We are super excited to have gotten her first update the other day and thought..hmmm… how fun would it be to let you guys in on some of the creative process and so we’ll be chronicaling her creative process with you all – enjoy!

I always start my prints in black and white with pencil and pen and ink.  I usually end up with some sketches that spur a bunch of notes that are other ideas to expand on. 

Working on Zebra is fun and tough.  It is a print that has been done time and time again, but it seems that just like snow flakes, no 2 are the same.  Many people have more conventional ideas about zebra, but I wanted to spice this one up since it is for a store, and I thought it might be cool to find a funky way to get the name or logo into the print – kinda like this…

Sometimes good, sometimes bad…the main thought with this print is that the repeat should be very large but i am not sure if it should be a mirror repeat, a half drop or a standard repeat.  I think that optical illusion is fun but is it really the best option for a retail setting???

So there you have it – the ball is rolling on the design and we’ll check in again with Lara Georgine next week to see where she’s at…

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