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Coastal going Local (NYC, that is)

May 14, 2011

Sorry we’ve been M.I.D.A. (Missing. In. Design. Action.)…again…but wanted to share a lil bit of what’s been keeping us so busy. Right now we are platform-pump-deep designing our first pied-a-terre project, for a California couple who will soon be calling our hustling + bustling city a second home. It’s another “box” apartment, which, for two girls who have serious love affairs with prewar spaces, it’s pretty ironic that the post war has become our specialty.

So, we’re bringing in that classic NYC charm, but doing it our way.

First stop: defining the foyer with a herringbone inlay floor. Just like you’d see on Park Avenue. But we’re doing it in Lincoln Center. And in walnut.

this walnut wood flooring is drop dead gorgeous – the movement, the variation, the color – the everything! 

Next up: the couple requested the tried and true white + grey marble that we know and love oh so well. But you know us…we’re going to make it new. So we are using this outstanding trellis pattern that we stumbled upon at Studium, and we are going to blanket the master bath floor, and shower floor, with it. Lucky for us there is a gracious amount of space in this bathroom, which will really allow us to appreciate the dynamic pattern.

this mosaic and it’s price tag had us at hello. we died when we saw it. and it made  us go bananas. and all other ubiquitous sayings meaning we loved it and had to have it in our lives. 

And in terms of fabrics and colors, this might be my personal dream color scheme. While I’m known for my obsession with turquoise and hot pink, white-on-cream-on-white interiors drizzled in sunlight always make my heart flutter.

Notice layer upon layer upon layer in terms of texture…a MUST when going to neutral and almost pattern free, otherwise the space will feel bland and lifeless. 

And, finally,  we’ve been asked to incorporate our well-known use of color pops, but in a super interchangeable way (like, one day the color exists, and one day it doesn’t), so we’ve come up with a fall/winter and spring/summer scenario.

moody + cozy 

light + airy

See how easily those color introductions were made, and how effective they are at changing everything? So, essentially we have three color stories here:

1. the neutral neutral

2. the neutral with drama and texture

3. the neutral with breezy and bright

We have some more tricks up our sleeves, like adding a ventless, gas-less, smoke-less, non-electric fireplace in the living room. Because, really, Californians don’t get to appreciate what it feels like to snuggle up fireside after that NYC chill the way we do, so how could we not throw that in? We are literally so excited for them to experience the fireplace next fall and winter, when the renovation will be complete. And this fireplace product is amazing (read above: ventless, gas-less, smoke-less, non-electric fireplace).

This amazing fireplace product is by Hearth Cabinet.


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