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custom fabric – part 2

May 14, 2011

Hola blog friends! So we’re back with another installment of Lara’s custom fabric design for Tutu Frills, who I actually had the pleasure of having style me 2 weeks ago – DAMN those girls are good! Walked out of their store feeling like a rock star! Anyhoo – we also saw that Duralee Fabrics was featuring one of their designer’s design progress on a recent Twitter feed and we just wanna say, we started this trend – us, yeah, id 810 – love u Duralee! (hee hee) So once again ladies and gents, give it up for Lara Georgine (hands clapping in the background)…..

After being away for the holiday, I had some time to swim around in my own head with the ideas.  I decided that what I wanted to do was a zebra pattern within a zebra pattern.  Kind of trippy, but I think over all something that will be a very pleasing effect with colors added. 

During the rainy day I sat with my eldest son and some watercolors and we painted together.  Something that I do on my own often, but this play time was a great inspiration to me to be more free flowing with the medium and to attack the paper with out a sketch.  I showed him different brushes and we used the sponges typically used for stenciling to get some wonderful effects

Here is mine inspired by the concept of the project and my son:

My next steps are to scan and rework the images into full repeat then I will move on to adding color and doubling up the pattern.

WOW! We are more than thrilled with what Lara has worked up and super touched by the fact that her little one had something to do with his mama’s beautiful creation. Goes to show you that inspiration can be staring you right in the face.

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