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Grey + White Marble = Classic and Modern

May 17, 2011

Grey + white marble. It’s one of our favorites, as well as a favorite of almost all of our clients. It’s classic and timeless. But you know us, we want to do it differently – whether it’s carrara or calcutta – we always try to find new ways to make it exciting.

So this weekend we told you about our jet setting clients who wanted the carrara look for their apartment because it’s oh-so-New York. We hit the ground running and came up with the following amazing options (and for those that don’t appear as white + grey in these images, they can be made with a variety of stones, from white thassos to marmara, so use your design imaginations, please).

we love the graphic quality of this pattern, and it will only be enhanced with the sharp contrast of white + grey, available at Artistic Tile

see that sharp contrast we were talking about? this one, and the rest below, are available at Studium.

this take on the classic hexagon pattern is simple and perfect – and those tiny marble chips are just insanity! 

this herringbone pattern is available with the grey marble too, but I love the softness of this cream + white combo

gorgeous, soft and feminine

David Hicks. Need I say more?

And as we mentioned, this trellis was the winner for the master bath.  

But we can always find other surfaces to tile. Just sayin…

P.S. See how we incorporated carrara tile in a very traditional way and combined it with bright blue modern glass to make a truly “transitional” bathroom getaway here.

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