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Let’s hear it for the kids

July 15, 2011

Right on the heels of our nursery design that won the challenge, our kids design tips are featured in Interior Connector’s Decor Basic’s series.

Since today’s kids are tomorrow’s future, we feel strongly about lettings them be themselves and express themselves and have a space they can grow and learn in. We use our experience as a mother and a former children’s social worker to help our clients get to a place that they will feel happy, but that their kids will, also. And sometimes we have to put our foot down when the kid says, “Look at my purple nailpolish. Purple is my very most favorite-est color,” and said kid’s parents say, “No purple, let’s do her room in orange.” Well, geez, way to teach your kid to express themselves. But don’t worry, we trick the parents into thinking the room is orange, but trust us, purple has it’s presence  (with all due respect, of course).

And we love when our clients let us go wild with design because kids spaces are the places they feel most comfortable letting loose. Right now we’re working on two little boys rooms that will be grounded with a royal blue, but have tons of crisp white with splashes of marigold yellow, kelly green and turquoise. Can you say FUN? And, as usual, we have a few tricks up our sleeves.

Head on over to Interior Connector for some of our tips on creating a dynamic space for your kids. And check out the article we wrote for Interior Connector’s launch earlier this year about mixing old and new.

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