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The week in review…our highlights and lowlights

July 29, 2011

1. We were featured in Metro NY! We love reading this publication while en route to job sites and showrooms, so it was quite the thrill to see ourselves in it!

2. We shot two of our projects we finished in 2010 this week – an 80s kitchen + two bathroom overhaul and the 3rd home we’ve designed for our longtime clients. We love seeing our work shine thanks to our favorite photographer Jacob Snavely (and, spending the day with him, although exhausting, is a major bonus!). We also had a boatload of fun staging and accessorizing for these two shoots.

3. The boys’ bedrooms at our upper east side job were painted this week and we are delighted with the bold blue trim and doors. We are using Benjamin Moore’s Downpour Blue and it’s Down Right Gorgeous. We wanted a high impact, modern look, without painting the walls blue, especially because #1 on Mom’s priority list is bright, bright, bright.

4. Rarely does a week go by in this industry without some “lows” and we hit a big one this week. It turns out that the portion of the wall that we were planning on knocking down to create a dramatic foyer, super sized bathroom and gracious walk in closet for our LA couple’s pied-a-terre has somehow turned out to be structural and can’t be moved. No one could believe it – not us, not the two architects involved and not the general contractor. We lost some sleep over this, but moving on…

5. We were hired for a project that we are really, really, really, (read: really) excited about.  It’s in the same line in the same building as this apartment which we gutted and designed a couple of years ago, and we can’t wait to tackle the existing architectural bizarreness in a completely different, but equally creative way.

You can read more about that former project here and here

6. The wallpaper in my mom’s family room is being installed and I love it! It is a really chi-chi, adult (sophisticated) grass cloth unlike any I’ve seen before. And the irony is that it was supposed to be a creamy white grasscloth but since grass cloth is a natural material with little control over color, the current dye lots kept coming in with a green tint, which had me pretty bummed. But I’m pleased to say that a former week’s lowlight turned into a major highlight this week.

7. Did you see that our new website launched last week? We are so very happy with it, and we love our web designer Jamie Kleiman. She, and her web stuff, are the bomb.

7. And speaking of sites, as you know our blog is a labor of love. We so enjoy writing, but it’s time consuming, and when we have site meetings and deadlines and sourcing and budgeting to handle we just can’t always find the time to write for fun. So we’re introducing you to our tumblr site, House of 810, which is quicker and easier for us to update, but loaded with the same id 810 punch. So take a look a follow us there, too.

8. My faux fur leopard print pillow arrived! It’s the little things, people…

PS Mackenzie likes it, too.

9. UPS royally screwed up a tile delivery to our client and she was not happy. Rightly so. That was a low.

10. My last high is that Virginia came back from her vacation! While it might be a low for her I missed the crap out of her and I thanked my lucky stars each and every day while she was gone (and each since she’s been back) that I have her as my business partner.  I couldn’t imagine doing this work alone and couldn’t imagine having anyone more perfect to share my highs and lows with. And next time she goes on vacation, I’m going with her.

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