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Five things: 9.19.11

September 23, 2011

My gosh we had an incredibly trade-oriented week. Day after day of events and meetings. And now we’ll bring what we found to you, since that’s our job.

1. What’s New, What’s Next? at 200 Lex.


Clearly we enjoyed ourselves at this event – but what’s not to love when handed champagne and cupcakes and other deliciousness (not to mention a demo and tasting of Wolf’s induction cooktop, which BTW, boils water in a jiffy).

And obviously, the best part for these two chicas is being surrounded by brand new to the market gorgeous home furnishings.


2. And the next night we surrounded ourselves by antiques at the Armory. We couldn’t snap pics of the gigantic diamonds, the Louis Vuitton wardrobe suitcases or the $160,000 chaise that we saw, but we did catch this one…

Highly refreshing cocktails by Follow The Woody, in this adorable Woody (duh).

And give these girls an old building filled with architecture, history, and probably some ghosts and we can just stand there and stare. For hours. Til we are asked to leave.

3. Our girl Cameo from Dornbracht stopped by for a visit with her guy from Alape. If you don’t know – Dornbracht and Alape are like the Porsches and Maybachs of the plumbing world. So get to know them.

Here are our two favorites that Alape has to offer:

This classic original design – so utilitarian, so retro, but oh-so-modern. And paired with that sleek faucet. Well, it doesn’t get any better.



And this one. Well, I don’t have words. Because it’s faceted and I love it.

And speaking of Dornbracht, I also love the serious simplicity of this shower system.


4. And, we also had visit from our friends at Urban Electric Co. who we’ve been dying to get our paws on for awhile now.

This one is killing me (softly). 

And we plan on building an entire library around these bad boys.


5. Annnd, my Mom and Dad’s house is so close to done (for now). The powder room wallpaper went up and it’s too bad that you can’t all come over and see it in person because it is so freaking wow.

Hope you have a beautiful weekend!




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