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ANKASA shindig

November 26, 2011

Last Monday, we were invited by the lovely and gracious, Beth Neuhaus, founder and master mind behind, to the reveal of the new Ankasa store on the Upper East Side. From the moment one walks into the ethereal space, you’re enveloped in a tranquil fragrance and then swept away by the understated and luxurious linens and accessories that make this company what it is. You won’t find a lot of color in this place, but you will find an extremely high level of detailing that plays on contrasting textures to a couture degree. Unparalled in our opinion, is there ability to create so much juxtapostion with monochromality – well, enough talking… see for yourself,   here are a few pics we snapped for you all to drool over – thank us later =] Oh and we are extremely stoked that they are opening in our neck of the woods soon as well – SOHO!

all of this, on ONE pillow!

check out the hardware on this bad boy 😉

they even added hardware to their cakestand - very unexpected

almost reads like a silky,satin-y topographic map

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