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This week: in the Daily News

September 9, 2011

WE WERE IN THE DAILY NEWS!  We are very, very thrilled with our feature in the Rent City section of today’s paper about decorating luxury rentals in our favorite city, which we know a thing or two about…

We talk about everything from mirror magic to affordable wallcovering glamour to setting the mood with lighting…head to the newsstand and read all about it!


Contemplating art.

September 2, 2011

We took the week off to enjoy the final days of summer. It’s hard to believe that it’s already September. I’ve been spending some time trying to finish up my apartment, and I have a large wall that is calling for some large art.

I used to have a gallery wall on this wall, but I tired of the trend and dismantled it a few months ago, and have been taking my time looking for a piece of art that really speaks to me. Some art I’m considering:

I love the retro vibe of Poolside Gossip by Slim Aarons, and there is something so eery but also chic about this shot that I just can’t get enough of.

This photograph by Jessica Marchetti is a top contender. I am in love with old architecture, and right now I’m having a moment with Parisian rooftops. The moodiness of the sky, and the perfect, straight on shot and symmetry are right up my alley. I have a large vintage mirror hanging across from where my new art will go, and I love the idea that when looking in the mirror it will appear that this beautiful scene would be just outside my window. A girl can dream, right?

I’ve always loved this 20×200 image, but it’s sold out, so it’s not going on my wall.

I fell in L.O.V.E. with the gorgeous work by Roberto Dutesco about 5 years ago when I was at a yoga event in the Donna Karan warehouse with the Dalai Lama. This photo was being auctioned off and I couldn’t stop thinking about it for a long time. In fact, it’s haunted me ever since, I’ve seen it everywhere, but it will never get old to me. (PS did you know that the Dalai Lama is on twitter? Follow him.) And speaking of horses, if you love them as much as I do (or even if you don’t, but you just want to end animal cruelty), please help get them off the streets of New York and sign this petition.

Also, speaking of gallery walls, though, here is a fun installation in the works…

PS for a throwback, read one of our early posts about gallery walls.

c’est magnifique of the week: 8.22.11

August 28, 2011

1. We had our bachelor’s photo shoot for a magazine we’re VERY excited about appearing in. We didn’t use this amazing damask and skull wallpaper there, but we just came across it this week, and a rocking bachelor like him could totally pull it off, don’t you think?

2. We went tile shopping. This is one of our favorite activities because We. LOVE. Marble. Here are some gorgeous patterns we were drooling over, and we plan on using one or two of these for an upcoming project. 

this 3D tile installation at Ann Sacks is so trippy – takes a minute to figure out what you’re looking at! 

 love this interpretation of the van cleef and arpels clover 

3. Those awesome teal stairs we told you able last week got painted…

4. Also at the home of those teal stairs, we got to see the rest of our work in progress, and dropped our jaws a few times…so in love with that screening room that we can’t wait to be invited over for beer and popcorn (and a movie).

You’ve gotta see this Porcelanosa  tile installation in person. What a great feature wall it makes. 

5. We braced ourselves for Irene, and our city stayed strong (well, that, or the hurricane became weak). Either way, we are looking forward to relaxing and enjoying our final week of the summer.

A Week in Review: our highs of August 15-19

August 19, 2011

1. Our spring into fall photo shoot

2. Demolition began at our upper west side kitchen renovation!!!

3. We got the go-ahead to paint a staircase teal. Yes, teal.

4. Our Cheap, Chic kitchen cabinet tips were featured in HomeStyle Magazine August issue Kitchen Cabinets.

5. Went picking upstate and found some treasures…

Have a great weekend lovebugs!


August 12, 2011

Lots to celebrate this week – a special birthday and our first official summer Friday tomorrow…we kind of think we deserve it! Have a great weekend! We plan on enjoying ours!


A week in review: our highs of August 1-5

August 5, 2011

This was a week filled with highs for us – which we needed, since August has begun which means the countdown til summer ends is upon us, thereby making me already seasonally depressed.

1. If you haven’t been to Eddie’s Sweet Shop in Forrest Hills, you should go. It’s a century old soda fountain with homemade ice cream. Is there anything better than being a kid in an ice cream shop? V went there with Sienna this week. I just about died when I saw this photo of her.

2. We stopped by the Sub Zero Wolf showroom in the A+D building with our clients this week and spotted this wine refrigerator scenario. The tower in the middle of the two refrigerators are actually custom paneled refrigerator doors. We were had at hello. 

3. Do you guys get Blackboard Eats deals? They offer really great discounts at some really great restaurants, and you don’t even have to pay to get the deal. We’re stoked about the one that just came through today – for brunch at the Morgan Dining Room in the Morgan Library. And it’s not the food we went crazy for (although we hope it’s good) but the architecture and history. The restaurant is in what was JP Morgan’s restored family dining room, with original woodwork and columns. Can’t wait to take a bite out of history.

Photo of the Morgan Dining Room

4. Inspiration for a new project came right when we left a meeting and came across these darling French flats. We love the colors, the style and the Parisian lifestyle! 

5. One of our favorite vendors cordially invited us to his 30th birthday evening of dinner and dancing. This makes us happy for 2 reasons. 1. We really like him, so we’re excited to be invited and celebrating him, and 2. He’s so classy. Look at this invitation. What 30 year old single man do you know that would be able to pull this off without the help of a woman, and be so detail oriented?

6. Virginia walked into the door.

Ok, so this may be a low because her nose was killing her for hours, but it also had us laughing for days. Do you see the smudge on the glass door? That I framed and signed? Fun times at id 810.

7. You may have heard that my number 1 hobby is wandering the streets of my West Village neighborhood because there is always something new to see. Here are some of my favorite things I saw this week:

I also stumbled upon Charles Lane, which is the most nondescript little alley between Washington and West Streets and was home to a state prison from 1797 – 1828, at which point it moved upstate and became Sing Sing.

And there is a pez dispenser collection on the top of this door frame. 

This was the walk I also fell in love with a bicycle.

These were inspired by French bikes of the 50s and 60s and I want one (I was told this style would be better for me since my skirt and or dress wouldn’t get caught on the crossbar and I am often found wearing skirts and or dresses).

8. Tile shopping with our kitchen reno clients was really inspiring, and we found the most gorgeous color combination that we are all head over heels for…after months of searching for the right blend of French provincial, art deco, pre war and modern (does this sound like a tough bill to fit?) we landed on tile that we are all really pleased with, and we’re sure it’s the perfect selection.

9. And while we’re on the subject of narrowing down selections for clients, we are in love with the two color schemes we’ve put together for the two boys bedrooms we’re designing. 

Both are bright and bold, just like these boys.

10. And finally, our biggest high of the week was being interviewed for a big publication that we were so nervous for, but so excited about.  And we hope to share it with you soon.

Til next week, sayonara!

The week in review…our highlights and lowlights

July 29, 2011

1. We were featured in Metro NY! We love reading this publication while en route to job sites and showrooms, so it was quite the thrill to see ourselves in it!

2. We shot two of our projects we finished in 2010 this week – an 80s kitchen + two bathroom overhaul and the 3rd home we’ve designed for our longtime clients. We love seeing our work shine thanks to our favorite photographer Jacob Snavely (and, spending the day with him, although exhausting, is a major bonus!). We also had a boatload of fun staging and accessorizing for these two shoots.

3. The boys’ bedrooms at our upper east side job were painted this week and we are delighted with the bold blue trim and doors. We are using Benjamin Moore’s Downpour Blue and it’s Down Right Gorgeous. We wanted a high impact, modern look, without painting the walls blue, especially because #1 on Mom’s priority list is bright, bright, bright.

4. Rarely does a week go by in this industry without some “lows” and we hit a big one this week. It turns out that the portion of the wall that we were planning on knocking down to create a dramatic foyer, super sized bathroom and gracious walk in closet for our LA couple’s pied-a-terre has somehow turned out to be structural and can’t be moved. No one could believe it – not us, not the two architects involved and not the general contractor. We lost some sleep over this, but moving on…

5. We were hired for a project that we are really, really, really, (read: really) excited about.  It’s in the same line in the same building as this apartment which we gutted and designed a couple of years ago, and we can’t wait to tackle the existing architectural bizarreness in a completely different, but equally creative way.

You can read more about that former project here and here

6. The wallpaper in my mom’s family room is being installed and I love it! It is a really chi-chi, adult (sophisticated) grass cloth unlike any I’ve seen before. And the irony is that it was supposed to be a creamy white grasscloth but since grass cloth is a natural material with little control over color, the current dye lots kept coming in with a green tint, which had me pretty bummed. But I’m pleased to say that a former week’s lowlight turned into a major highlight this week.

7. Did you see that our new website launched last week? We are so very happy with it, and we love our web designer Jamie Kleiman. She, and her web stuff, are the bomb.

7. And speaking of sites, as you know our blog is a labor of love. We so enjoy writing, but it’s time consuming, and when we have site meetings and deadlines and sourcing and budgeting to handle we just can’t always find the time to write for fun. So we’re introducing you to our tumblr site, House of 810, which is quicker and easier for us to update, but loaded with the same id 810 punch. So take a look a follow us there, too.

8. My faux fur leopard print pillow arrived! It’s the little things, people…

PS Mackenzie likes it, too.

9. UPS royally screwed up a tile delivery to our client and she was not happy. Rightly so. That was a low.

10. My last high is that Virginia came back from her vacation! While it might be a low for her I missed the crap out of her and I thanked my lucky stars each and every day while she was gone (and each since she’s been back) that I have her as my business partner.  I couldn’t imagine doing this work alone and couldn’t imagine having anyone more perfect to share my highs and lows with. And next time she goes on vacation, I’m going with her.